What is the difference between structured content and semantic HTML? How do they work together? Why is it important to have structured content and semantic HTML in your web pages?
Structured conntent Shows a defined hiarchyy, and means to guid Viewers down the page.
semantic elements clearly describes its meaning to both the browser and the developer
Semantic elements are clearly labled denoting what its dose, tablet, form ext.
Structured elemnts are asspecs such as H1, P, And so each, denoting the style, and
aspects of the text and its importance in the file.
The Reas why both elements are important

Part 2 D&D Sites
A full encompasing site for items, tools, and rules that players & Dms can use.
Not Dnd Specific, but still has many list, tips, and guides that players can use, and would be helpful reffrence, to use.