Week 3 Homework

Section 2

Do's and Dont

Link to trule breaker Site here.

Better user Experiance

For my project since the idea is to creat a dnd site a story telling style of formating the web page would be benifical il in the long run. The idea would be that i coulde use
a stiry teelin method to helo give viewers ideas, and examples in a way that they might find enjoyable, and digestibl. This method would allow me to connec to my audiance by
sharing my own experiances, mistakes and ideas, and alowing players to take thouse and reformat them as they would want to. The formating would actualy not be to difficult either,
by using a desinding font style, and maybe some complementary colors, the layout would help guide the viewer as they go in a semy natural order.

Meet your Type

Hiarcy in webdesing typicaly refers to the promince or imprtance of a web element. Typicaly this measn how proment a web element is in a page, by how much it stands out, how large it is,
and where it is on a web document. is a good example of this.

Section 3

My Site compersison

There actuall already exist a large number of such site out there that people use day to day for dnd. Roll20, 5etools, and many more sexsist for multiple reasons and purposes.


Mainly thr biigist issue is going to be to get my sit notice by a wide audiance. Dnd sites are not always one size fits all, just due to how flexiable the Rules of the gamr can
be. Hopfuly with the help of friends getting my name out ther can be made easier with a broad cast.


This im meant for a large group covering diffrent asspects of the game, basics for new players, gerneral uses, ideas, and rules for any level, and more complex ideas for more
advance players, such as templates for unique monsters, level ideas, and possible game senarious people can use.


Honestly my competition would be any other major Dnd site, how ever thast not a bad thing in this situation. As mentioned before the rules of dnd are exstreamly flexiable
as such my site could be used to help supplement a competteters, or even vice versa. So in this case cmopetiton is my best friend.

Key Messege

The Messege behind my site would be freedom and creativity, i want to share ideas, and experiances i've had playing dnd

Call to action

The main idea would be to try and play Dnd to give people ideas, and come up with new games, and things the can do with the game, or items they never considered using.

How to messuer Success

Mainly it wuold be succes would be how big of a community i can make, and how much people like the ideas i put out. The more poeople interact with the site, the more i can grow,
and improve the site helping it more and more