Project 1

UI Design and creation

Thre thing i learned where, the basics of properly seeting up a web page. How To make a break in a linne to oush it down, and the process by which a person can change the style of a font.

UI Design and creation

One Are of interest for desining i have is UI. A common part that not many people think about whein it comes to just about any electronic program is the UI.
However this is a major part that can make or break any app, game, whatever is being made. desinging, and understanding the basics of what makes a good Ui are
all important, as a good UI can save a bad experiance, by being easy to navigate, but a bad UI that bogs everything down can kill even the best apps, or games
in exsistance.
typicaly the avrege Uoi Dev wil make 85,475 in a year, mind you this is a rough range. Depending on the person a dev is working under the amount can change,
but typicaly wont go below that.

My semester Project

For my semester project My plan is to creat a DnD Website, mainly tailered to Dm's. The goal is to creat something that DMs can use to help build games
,desing puzzles and encounters, as well as to learn diffren tricks and tips to hel make thiere planning stage, and life as a whole easier when it comes to DnD.
the website itself qwould be divided into severeal sections based on wha the Dm needs, Items & Looot, Combat, NPCs & Ploot Hooks, and general guides to building
a succesful game.