Potintal Jobs

Game Tester: Tester up
a Company that allows for online game testing.Play,,test and get paid from the comfert of your own home.
The Job is a freelance possision where you can take and complete diffrent app, and game test request at your leasuer, usually each test length depending on the type of app. Standred everyday use apps, want you to test usual take twenty to fiurty minutes. Game aps can ver from thirty minutes, to about an hour, with each test looking for bugs, Major system issuis, and possible way to improve the app. Payment will very per request but usyally, will pay anywhere from twenty dollars, to upwards of 120 dollars per test. The Best part is there is no traning, or prior experiance needed.
Graphic Designer: Beckett Collectibles
Working in a profficinal setting, to help creat and design various assts for Trading cards, and Collectibles.
Specializies in collectibles, and cards, they reach out and help various big name comapanies, to build, and creat various profiles, imagwes, and advertise them through various formats, such Youtubr, tick tock, and Facebook. Begining pay is not mentioned on the job app, so more reserch would be advised, but dose requier four to five years of proffisonal experiance, as well as being familiar with programs such as photoshop, and After effects.
Gameplay Designer: ZeniMax Media Inc.
Working with buissnes proffecinals to creat various games, and assets for various clients.
Work along side AAA game proffissinal to develope, and creat various game mechanics, and loops. You will have diffrent work opertunities deppending on the project you are assined. Individuals will help and design diffrneet types of games based on thier skillsets, and past experiance. Pa various depedning on level, bu can begin from fifteen, to twenty per hour, or can be done monthly through contracted work, consider the offer, and possition.